Click on most images for a larger view. Features depicted are listed in red.
New Lower Dash Console
  1. Refinished Factory Appearance Surfaces
  2. High Density Contoured Foam Seating
  3. OEM Full Thickness Grade Leather + Fully Inpregnated Color
  4. Full Length Headliner Module
  5. Exclusive Center Dash Module
  6. Multi-choice Appearance Group Patterns And Colors
  7. Headliner Module
  8. Floor Center Module
  9. Carpet
  10. Executive Trim Level
    10A. Leather Trim Captain Seats
    10B. Leather Trim Re-cover Rear Bench
    10C. Leather Trim Rear Bench—Folding Bed, Power
    10D. Leather Trim Value Package
    10E. Interior Appearance Value Group in Beige or Silver
    10F. Dash Appearance Trim
    10G. Door Panel, Appearance Trim
    10H. Headliner Module, Appearance Trim
    10I. Floor Center Module, Appearance Trim
    10J. Hand Stiched Leather Steering Wheel Trim
  11. Ranch Trim Level
    Saddle Leather—Full Leather Seating: Two Captains + Power Rear Bench
  12. Entertainment System
    12A. 10" Widescreen TV-DVD Sattelite Radio Ready + 2 Wireless Headphones
  13. Observation System
    13A. Integrated with Headliner Module, Color 6.8" Drop Down LCD + Audio
    13B. Integrated Driver Sun Visor Fold Down, Color + Audio
    13C. Clip-on Center Rear View Mirror Monitor Screen, Color + Audio
    13D. Towable Disconnect + 1 Towable Camera, Color + Audio
    13E. Four Camera Capability + 2 Rear + 2 Body Side Cameras + Audio
    13F. Multi-camera Switching Panel
  14. Navigation System, GPS-DVD:Requires Integration With Optional Video Monitor Devise
  15. VDF Compass: Outside Temperature System + Ice Warning
  16. Satelite Radio: Audiovox/Sirius Service Provider
    16A. Radio Receiver, SIRPNP3
    16B. Radio Home Kit, SIRHK3
    16C. Radio Car Kit with FM, SIRCK3
    16D. Radio Portable Boom Box, SIRBB3
    16E. Center Floor CB Panel
  17. Center Dash Panel
  18. CB Radio + Twin Pro Firestik Antennas Intergrated In Center Dash Module
  19. Monitor Guages, Engine Oil Temp, Trans Fluid Temp, Exhaust Temp, Turbo Boost, Air Cleaner
  20. Additional Compontents
    20A. Monitor LCD, TV-DVD + 1 Wireless Headphone, Passenger Front
    20B. Headphones, Wireless, (1)
    20C. Obserevation Camera, (1)
    20D. Camera, Color + Optical Cables
    20E. Power Points, 12-Volt
    20F. Cup Holders
    20G. Mobile Phone Antenna, Annalog
    20H. Privacy Glass Tint