Click on most images for a larger view. Features depicted are listed in red.
  1. Commercial Grade .190" Aluminum Body Construction
  2. Class “A” Automotive Paint Surfaces
  3. Stainless Steel Fasteners and Locking Hardware
  4. Mirror Grade Stainless Steel Cosmetic Appearance Trim
  5. Full Length Bi-level Aluminum Step Fuel Covers
  6. Exclusive Design—Aero Contoured Aluminum Light Pylon
    6A. Integrated Personal Luggage Trunk
    6B. High Mount Third Brake Light
    6C. Assist Bars
  7. Exclusive Design—Body Tunnel Storage Tube
  8. One Piece ICC Rear Marker Light
  9. Dual Location (In-bed & Rear Bumper) Trailer Connectors, 7-Blade RV + 6-Pin Equine
  10. Aluminum Steps (Crewcab)
    10A. Paint + Stainless Steel Mirror Trim (Class 2-3-4-5)
    10B. Body Steps + Paint + Stainless Steel Mirror Trim (Class 2-3-4-5)
    10C. Painted + SS Mirror Trim (OEM Dually)
    10D. Fuel Covers, Crew Cab (Class 6-7)
  11. Aluminum Step
    11A. Body Section (Class 6-7)
    11B. Stainless Steel Mirror Full Trim Group (Class 6-7)
    11C. Stainless Steel Mirror 4" Trim Group (Class 6-7)
  12. Fuel Tank
    12A. Chassis Mid-ship, Frame Mounted, 34 Gal.
    12B. Truck Body Mounted, Bright Aluminum Tread Plate with Fuel Guage, 93 Gal.
    12C. Truck Body Mounted, Bright Aluminum Tread Plate & Top Toolbox, 100 Gal.
  13. Electric Towable Brake Control
  14. Spare Options
    14A. Spare Steel Wheel
    14B. Spare Steel Wheel + Tire Mount + Balance 245/70R19.5SH, Goodyear
    14C. Spare Steel Wheel & Tire Mount & Balance 245/70R19.5SH, Michelin XZE
  15. Alloy Wheel, Center Covers (4)
  16. Chrome Mirror Covers—Telescopic Without Turn Signals (2)
  17. Chrome Door Handle Covers (4)
  18. Aluminum Billet Grill
  19. Front Bumper Fascia
  20. Lexan Hood Shield
  21. Lexan Door Window Shield—Crew Cab (4)
  22. Windshield Sun Visor
  23. Grill Guard, Painted Steel
  24. Rear Air Ride Suspension (Class 2-3-4-5)
  25. Rear Air Ride Suspension (Class 6-7)
  26. Chassis Frame Shorten–Lengthen & Drive Shaft Balance
  27. Exterior Mono Paint Group
    • Mirror Heads
    • Door Handles
    • Grill
  28. Dual FireStik CB Antennas
  29. Stainless Steel Tillight Inserts & Bright Taillight Bezels
  30. Tie-Down Floor Plates (4)
  31. Storage compartment Behind Rear Wheel
  32. Electrical Panel + 3 Open Circuits
  33. Ball Hitch, Folding
  34. Stainless Steel Bumper Trim + Tread Step
  35. Fenderettes, Polished Aluminum